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The Bank of Soperton and Million Pines Community Bank have state-of-the-art fraud protection devices in place. One of these devices is the FALCON alert system. FALCON monitors customer purchasing habits and detects when suspicious activity occurs. If suspected fraudulent activity is detected, the cardholder is contacted by a service center staff member for The Bank of Soperton and/or Million Pines Community Bank. The Bank of Soperton will not request any personal information from customers. FALCON delivers one of the most powerful weapons against fraud. You can help fight fraud by informing us of any name, telephone, or address change you may have as well as notifying us when you are planning a trip and will be using your debit card.
Additional fraud protection is provided in the event your card information is compromised at a business you visited and utilized your card for purchases.  A compromised card means that information (e.g., card number, name) may have been obtained by an unauthorized source.  When the bank is notified of a compromise of your Bank of Soperton or Million Pines Community Bank  MasterCard Debit/ATM card at any business, we will notify you by letter and reissue a new card. Still, a compromised card letter does not mean any fraudulent activity occurred on your account. By notifying you, The Bank of Soperton and Million Pines Community Bank are taking every precaution to ensure your account data is handled with the highest level of safety and security.

To Reach Falcon: 866-374-6975
Lost/Stolen Cards– 800-500-1044

The Bank of Soperton and Million Pines Community Bank strive to meet the needs of our customers and the communities that we serve. As we continue to grow and expand in our communities, it is our goal that we will continue the banking legacy that has allowed us to positively impact the needs of our customer base since 1903.